Shuttle Technology EPATCD 5.45 bootdisks and drivers for parallel IDE CD-ROMs with Shuttle Technology controller.

EPATCD 5.45 bootdisks:

    Shuttle files on the bootdisk:
    EPATCD.SYS — ASPI Manager For Dos Ver 5.45 - Release Date: 25th Mar, 1998
    ASPICD.SYS — ASPI CD-ROM Device Driver Version 3.53 - Release Date: 9th October, 1997



    Download the Win95 OSR2 bootdisk version (for FAT32 but requires 386 or later CPU)
    Download the MS-DOS 6.22 bootdisk version (for all CPU but maximum FAT16)

EPATCD 5.45 DOS installer (Shuttle Parallel Software Version 5.45):


Shuttle Technology Connect-iT Version 2.03 (Shuttle Parallel Software and drivers for Windows 9x and NT, Shuttle Parallel Port ATAPI Device Driver version 1.36):
You must install it with empty CD-ROM drive (no CD in the CD-ROM drive)!