Warcraft: Orcs & Humans RAMDAC compatibility
"Noise" problem can occur at build (at select area for a building)

RAMDAC chip result
AT&T ATT20C491 small noise
Avance Logic ALG1201 OK
Avance Logic ALG1300.A small noise
BrokTree Bt485 big noise
CHRONTEL CH8391v big noise
Diamond (MUSIC) SS2410 see MUSIC MU9c1880
ICS ICS5301-2 small noise
MUSIC MU9c1880 small noise
MUSIC TR9C1710-66PCA small noise
S3 86C716 SDAC big noise
Sierra SC15025CV-A noise
Texas Instruments TVP3026 OK
Trident TDK8001 small noise
Winbond W82C490P-80 noise

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 2019 Feb 09 — Project has started.
 2021 Feb 01 — Avance Logic ALG1201 and Avance Logic ALG1300.A has added.
 2021 Feb 07 — BrokTree Bt485 has added.
 2021 Feb 28 — AT&T ATT20C491 has added.
 2021 Mar 01 — S3 SDAC has added.
 2021 Mar 06 — Ti TVP3026; Diamond SS2410 and MUSIC MU9c1880 has added.