Amiga RGB (DB-23) to Iiyama (and AYDIN/Commodore Ranger) DA-15 pinout

I have wanted to know what is the Iiyama monitor pinout for the analog RGB video in (DA-15 female).
I got a cable with one end is DB-23 female (so match to Amiga video out) and the other end DA-15 male (so match to Iiyama analog RGB video in).
The pinout is full different than Apple DA-15 so this cable must be an Amiga RGB to Iiyama DA-15 monitor cable (because I not known other monitor manufacturer who use DA-15 for Amiga).
Unfortunately I cant test it because I have no compatible monitor, but I can share the pinout.

NOTE: In the pinout draw I have modified the turquoise colored cable (that was in released state in the shell of the DA-15 end) and I think the original place was the pin 12, common with the transparent coated copper wire. If it is originally connected to other ground pin it is no problem because all the grounds (except the digital ground) are connected together inside the Amiga (thanks for this info to Guru).


DB23 1-12

DB23 13-23

DA15 1-8

DA15 9-15